1. seaside tryst
    Seattle, Washington
  2. Odd Duck
    Bloomington, Indiana
  3. Tami Hart
    Brooklyn, New York
  4. Scott Yoder
    Seattle, Washington
  5. Pink Pound
    Glasgow, UK
  6. Harm Assist
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  7. Bijoux
    Seattle, Washington
    Seattle, Washington
  9. Dissimilar South
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  10. Levoneh
    Seattle, Washington
  11. tracy + the plastics
    Seattle, Washington
  12. Fiona Moonchild
    Seattle, Washington
  13. Stres
    Seattle, Washington
  14. Wizard Apprentice
    Oakland, California
  15. Danny Denial
    Seattle, Washington
  16. wynne greenwood
    Seattle, Washington
  17. Slashed Tires
    New York, New York
  18. Old Dark House
    Seattle, Washington
  19. LAL
    Toronto, Ontario
  20. Kym Register + Meltdown Rodeo
    Durham, North Carolina
  21. Lonesome Leash
    Los Angeles, California
  22. Nana Grizol
    Athens, Georgia
  23. Holodeck Heart
    Portland, Oregon
  24. ManDate
    Seattle, Washington


Cruisin Records New Orleans, Louisiana

Cruisin Records is a label created to support Queer artists. It is run by Theo Hilton (Nana Grizol), Clyde Petersen (Your Heart Breaks/ManDate) and Darby Cox. We are based in New Orleans, Anacortes, and Philadelphia. This endeavor emerged from long conversations between Clyde Petersen and Theo Hilton about how to support the amazing musicians they've met over years of creating music and touring. ... more

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