1. Fiona Moonchild
    Seattle, Washington
  2. Old Dark House
    Seattle, Washington
  3. Danny Denial
    Seattle, Washington
  4. Wizard Apprentice
    Oakland, California
  5. Slashed Tires
    Seattle, Washington
  6. LAL
    Toronto, Ontario
  7. Loamlands
    Durham, North Carolina
  8. Lonesome Leash
    Los Angeles, California
  9. Nana Grizol
    Athens, Georgia
  10. Holodeck Heart
    Portland, Oregon
  11. ManDate
    Seattle, Washington


Cruisin Records New Orleans, Louisiana

Cruisin' Records is an independent queer record label based in New Orleans and Seattle. First three releases out October 19, 2018. Two of them are bands that we (Clyde and Theo) play in. The other is by our pal Walt, who is taking a big chance and putting his new record in our hands. We're stoked to grow our network of artists--we have some stuff in the works--look out! send a demo! xoxo ... more

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